Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gimmee some Great deals!!

Everyone loves a great deal.  With all of the spiffy technology nowadays and almost everything being right at your finger tips, it's no wonder that online companies are "cashing" in on that.  There are so many great online discount memberships that a girl can go online shopping or buy a facial for half the price originally.  Here are some of my favorite online discount memberships that I've purchased and reaped the thrifty benefits from.

These great websites showcases deals you can get in the city you live.  If you're heading out to another city sometime soon it's easy to click on a different city to see what kind of deals they are featuring. These deals usually only last for a day, unless otherwise specified.  All you gotta do is sign up by inputting your email.  Yes you'll get daily emails about new money saving deals for restaurants, massages, spa treatments, and even car detailing.  If you'd rather not get bombarded with loads of excess emails you can always unsubscribe, just remember you'll be missing out on that $30 hour massage your best friend got yesterday.  
Here are my favorites: 
This one is great because you just choose what city you live in--just like many of the other websites--and you can subscribe to more than one city as well.  Especially if you're a jet setter and are flying to different cities throughout the year for work or family.
Just like Living Social, Groupon is a deal a day in the city you live.  When you visit the page and scroll down there's some great tips for using groupon and a cute big fat cat to greet you.
Both of these sites also offer getaway deals for the travel saavy or kid at heart.  I haven't purchased any yet, however, I've read through many and very much wished I could partake in them! 

For the lucky ones who live & play in Hawai'i--here are some online deal sites just for you!
Mokoli'i Island--off of Kualoa Ranch

    Hot Deals Hawaii has deals sent to your email everyday, from many different companies around Hawai'i.  Play Hawai'i sends you an email almost everyday too. Some of their deals last more than one day, so don't sit on your decision too long, or it will absolutely expire!
      For the ladies, and for spiffy guys looking for a great deal on some awesome clothing, furniture and all sorts of stuff, I share with you...

      This site is bomb!! All you gots to do is signup to get daily emails, just like all of the above ^ and each day they'll send you an email with a collage of different brands that have discounts for that day.  Some are quite steep from 50%-70% off the original price. I've bought two cute dresses from the Bobi brand for $15!!!! awesome!  They also have artwork, jewelry, vacations and children's clothes too.  This one you'll have to act fast because they sell out of the good stuff quite quickly.  This site is probably one of my favorites, every day there's at least one thing I want to buy.

      So there you have it guys, my favorite discount deal sites.  I hope you can share in the joy of saving some money and/or trying someplace new at a discounted price, and finding that perfect dress or pair of jeans at a great price.  

      .:.:* until next time.. Ciao =) *:.:. 


      Wednesday, August 03, 2011

      There's a first for everything...

      First love; first  kiss; first heartbreak; first job; first paycheck. And this will be my very first blog post.

      When you finally, no matter how long it takes, get to that point where your head and your gut meet in harmony, and you go right out and do that that thing you've always had in the back of your mind to do, well it feels mighty great doesn't it?  This was it for me.  
      And that ^ is how I felt!! Writing was something I've always enjoyed, it's something that can be revised and revised and revised, and it's a way to share with others what you know, or take someone to an imaginary world or just to tell someone how you feel.  I hope reading is just as fun for you as writing is for me ;)  

      Now, getting down to the nitty gritty of my blog an explanation of my address & title should be addressed. First off, I'm from Hawai'i so that's where you get the HI.  The number 5 is a play on Hawai'i 5-O and HI5 recycling in Hawai'i, you get 5 cents back when recycling bottles and cans.  It's clear there's no Hawai'i 5-O actors or references in my blog nor can I recycle cans and bottles through this webpage, however, I will have 5 categories of interest in my blog.
      1. Life wisdom: through experience or research
      2. Travel Experiences
      3. DIY projects & food recipes
      4. Makeup & Hair products and services
      5. Fashion & Deals 
      This is a place where you can learn something and for me to keep in touch with friends & family I may be unable to see as often as I'd like.   Now, let's roll.  

      This year has been a year of great change in my life as well as others around me.  One of the lessons I've learned so far, from experience and from my boyfriend, is being strong in who you are.  Life happens and it can be rough. And I mean, ROUGH.  You never really know just how much you can handle in life until it throws you a curve ball, or two, or three, or 5.  When you know who you are as a person and what you have to offer others and the world, life gets just a little bit easier.  Having the strength to continue on through the rough patches in life can be a challenge and may bring you worries and discomfort, but finding this strength, through prayer and giving those worries to God, will truly help you on your way.  Surrounding yourself amongst those who are your true friends and amongst family that love and care for you, will take you a long way.

      So when you're discouraged, believe in yourself, what you have to offer, and remember you have friends and family that are the angels that will help you through those curve balls life throws at you.


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