Sunday, September 18, 2011

You Only Live Once

A couple of weeks ago I watched the movie adaptation of the book, One Day, by David Nicholls. 
One of the things I LOVE about watching movies is the beauty of taking a break from your own reality and getting a glimpse of a story that may be similar or very different from your own.  This book/movie would absolutely be in the category of romance drama/chick flick---which is also the reason why I went to see this movie by myself. 


One Day, made me reflect upon my own life experiences and what I could have done when I was younger and what I can do now.   It also made me grateful of some very big decisions I've made in the past year.  One of my BIGGEST decisions was leaving my job, my best friends, my family, and my home that I love dearly, to help my sister with my niece all the way in Nebraska.  Now, moving from Hawai`i to Nebraska is a pretty huge leap--- both places are different in so many ways---yet this decision has made all the difference in my life.  I've learned a ton about my family and about myself and I can lovingly and humbly say it's the very place I've met my boyfriend.  From this very decision, much bigger decisions have been made and I can finally say my life is going in the direction I've been longing for and praying for.  I thank God for my blessings everyday.

Taking chances and jumping into something out of your comfort zone is scary and nerve wracking for some. This movie got my noggin' thinking, if all of us were to take the chances we were reluctant towards or felt any hesitation about, where would our lives be now?  Would it be more fulfilled?  ---> Perhaps! OR Maybe, even if it was the wrong decision, you could, at the very least say, at least I learned from it and that experience has given me knowledge I lacked before.  Even if there's an inkling of a chance that may be there---TAKE IT---or ask questions, be curious!  There's always room for an adventure!!  YOLO.

.:*:. Tootles til next time .:*:


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