Wednesday, April 25, 2012

back into the grind...


My boyfriend and I just returned from our fabulous trip two nights ago and though things are still wee bit groggy, we're getting back into the thick of things and are eager to share our experiences with our friends and family.  After waking from a 12 hour slumber, we slowly but surely began unpacking and uploading pictures.  And boy, we've taken a TON of pictures of our adventures and interesting candid moments.  I'll be starting my "picture a day from my trip" series tomorrow but I just wanted to let all of you beautiful bloggers know that I'm back and in full swing to read up on the happenings with you too! 

*Travel is such a wonderful experience and I hope more people can partake in trips throughout their lifetime.  Til tomorrow, have a great Wednesday!*

Monday, April 02, 2012

...and it begins.

Khao Chae:

April has begun and I've been feeling a nervous/anxious feeling inside my chest reminding me of what's to come tomorrow.  It's hard to tell if it's a more nervous feeling or a more anxious feeling.  Either way, tomorrow begins a trip we've all been looking forward to.

Tonight I'll be doing some last minute packing, double and triple checking my essentials and gifts. Then tomorrow heading off to work.  I want to cherish every moment of my trip in the philipines, thailand, hawai'i, and las vegas.  2012 has gone by amazingly quickly, and though I'm eager to experience every ounce of happy this trip will bring, I am taking in all of these moments of preparations.

On my last post I talked quite a bit about the phillipines, so today I'm moving on to some things I'm looking forward to on the rest of our trip.


  • eating the gorgeous looking khao chae above.  April is one of the hottest months in Thailand, and it is only during this time that they serve this dish that's also considered of "royal thai cuisine."  It's said to be refreshing and delicious.  You can read more about it if you click the link above.  
  • Hopefully riding an elephant -- it has been on my "to do" list since forever!
  • Seeing all of the palaces and architecture, the culture, and the people. 

  • Seeing my lovely family & friends of course! Oh i miss them so much =)  
  • More hiking, kayaking, and beach outings with Joel and whomever is free and able to join us! 
  • Eating the wonderfully great food at home.  We who have grown up, or spent a tremendous amount of time in Hawai`i, know how much there is to offer in regards to food.  I hope to visit it at least a handful of my favorite spots.  
  • Giving flowers to my grandma's grave. And enjoying every moment of being home.  The beauty, people, and all of the things you can do in Hawai'i.  
Las Vegas, Nevada

  • This will be my third time visiting vegas and I'm actually looking forward to getting some rest there, at least the first night! We'll sure be needing it.  
  • We've kind of left the planning of Vegas for later, But I know we want to hit up hash house a go go for sure and H&M is always on my list! 
I hope to write a few blogs during my trip, though access to the internet might be difficult.  I do plan a little project on my trip, I got the idea from my bestie Charlsie over at  If you have time you should check her page out!! She's going to teach english in Japan and is sharing her experience on her blog. How sweet is that!?

I've decided to do something similar to her documentation of her Japan trip, for my trip. I'll be taking a picture every day of my trip then I'll write a blog about that picture and what we were doing at that time/day etc. This should be fun and I hope you guys can follow along.

Welps, I'm off to finish packing and continue to mentally prepare myself for all the shindigs and peeps we'll be seeing in a day and a half!  I hope all you lovelies had a wonderful April fools day yesterday and I wish all of you a splendid week!!


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