Monday, February 27, 2012

i have a dream...or two.

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Perhaps I have a few dreams I hold dear, but the dream I've been thinking about for several weeks now is the wonderful desk space above.  It seriously makes me giddy just looking at it.  Because, to me, to create great work-- whether it's a paper, a project, a beautiful birthday card, it's imperative to have an area that inspires you and that gives you the little kick to get your brain working.   Now this isn't one of those dreams where I'm just dreaming and not really going to do anything about it, I fully intend to make the above workstation become a reality.  Eventually, when we're in a place that will be pretty permanent for us.  Including the computer, it may be a PC, but the screen size is perfect.  I like the large desk area, the pretty folder holders on the wall, and the large drawers underneath.  It is a beaut.

Making your dreams into reality can be a challenge.  The workspace above may be on the back burner for a year or more, but I know I'll make it happen. Making dreams happen is a wonderful experience.  And I highly recommend  doing so.  I'm currently in school, again,  to make my dream career into a reality.  It's definitely not an easy ride, but it's a ride I'm happy to be on.  What makes it even better is having a wonderful support network of family & besties that believe in it and me.

Now...I may be unable to be in my dream workstation now, but I make do to find creative inspiration through other well as studying in the wee hours of the morning, when my school brain is most awake.  Crazy, yes, but it works!

Where do you go to feel inspired? 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunny Sunday.

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope your weekend is going by swimmingly.  Before I start gushing about the oh so cute DIY ingredients above, I just wanna tell you that if you ever have a chance to spend several hours with a child, do so!  I got to spend some valuable time with my niece yesterday. She was so sweet and cute! It was hard to leave her.  She's 6 and full of energy and sillyness.  She asked me nicely to watch her ballet class, which was adorable! We played rock, paper, scissors in the car ride, sang Yankee Doodle Dandee, O Beautiful, and we were fairy friends who could change into anything we wanted.  We also watched Lady and the tramp with my sister and we did our nails.  My niece and I also had our own party in her room, equipped with disco light, some Lady Gaga, and some awesome dance moves.  Fun times I tell ya.

I enjoyed all of those wonderful moments with my niece, I am so very much looking forward to playing more pretend games and doing our nails together again next weekend.  Children, you gotta love them! These are the moments that are precious and priceless.

Back to the pretty crafting ingredients above.  As I get more and more involved in the blogworld I've come across some amazing women! When I found a "pin" on pinterest of the genius date stamp above I immediately went hunting, and I found, Dear Lizzy, Elizabeth Kartchner's blog and learned that she had her own craft line.  I eagerly awaited when her line would be available online and jumped on it.  The date stamp has little messages and symbols next to the date, like those library date stamps, just cuter.  The ruffle paper, i mean, it's just splendid. Little bit feminine but not too much.

The Dear Lizzy Neapolitan line has such cute items perfect for scrapbooking, pictures frames, any project your creative brain can come up with.  You can find them at Two Peas in a Bucket and over at Blue Moon Scrapbooking.  They are just so darn lovely, I'm excited that I will have a little bit more time to work my creative arts muscles.

I'll be sure to share with you guys what I come up with and I'll probably hunt down a few more things for my upcoming project. Until then, have a happy and blessed sunday!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

step by step.

Winter quarter has finally come to an end.  I submitted my paper for my online course, took my exam and did pretty well, and I'm just waiting on grades for my other class and last two assignments.  This past week has been a little stressful, with work, school, and travel plans. 

My boyfriend and I went to Ash wednesday mass last night, and as I sat there listening to the priest, I kept thinking about how thankful I am to be alive.  To be able to work, go to school, and be around people that are loving and caring...This thursday we should all be thankful for the things we may take for granted.  Today one of the little things I'm thankful for:  water.  My phone fell into my water today, but I'm so thankful to have clean water to drink, everyday! it's those little things.  I may have to buy a new phone, but at least I have clean fresh water to drink =)

Going back to school has been one (of several) of the best decisions I've made so far.  It's been a challenge, and it will continue to be...but the best parts of life are the challenges we face.  Without challenges we would be unable to learn through experience.  Now that school is over, I'll have more time to sleep and watch some silly shows like The Bachelor, Jersey Shore, Grey's, and The Walking Dead.  I'll continue to read and study until I start Summer quarter, but until then, I'll be enjoying some much needed sleep!!

What decisions have been the best for you?  Have you decided to back to school? 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

we fly high.

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Grand Palace 
It's getting closer and closer to April, which means it's getting closer and closer to our trip!  The excitement is looming, the important details are being finalized, and the plans are being discussed.  It's almost difficult to control my giddy excitement. The only thing holding me back from squealing with little girl excitement is the final stage of actually preparing to leave the country...The good 'ol blue book! I can finally get that going this week...sigh. I love Hawai'i, but sometimes being on Hawaiian time can really be a downer.

Manila, Phillipines via destination 360

We've got a great place to stay in Thailand with airport pickup, it's close to the skytrain and with breakfast provided.  We got some big family plans for the phillipines, and some more family and bestie time in Hawai'i. Then a stopover in vegas on the way back...phew!  I'm already beginning to mentally prepare myself for all the fun filled festivities!!

Mokulua Islands, O'ahu Hawai'i
On a different note, tomorrow is the beginning of Lent and I have chosen to give up Scooter's white mocha smoothies (which are delicious with a dollop of homemade whipped cream!) and chocolate.  This is the first year I'm giving up chocolate and this is the year I'm going to make it happen.  I love the lenten season, I think it's important to sacrifice something in your life that you feel is necessary on a daily basis, but it's really unnecessary for you. 
Bellagio Las Vegas: Spring 2011
 If you will be practicing lent this year, I wish all of you a wonderful lenten season =)  And if you're giving up something that you absolutely love or love doing, I support you :)

2012 is turning out to be a busy and exciting year!Do you have any travel plans this 2012? Where will you be going?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Love day recap

This year our Valentine's day was relaxing and fun.  This is the second Valentine's day we've spent together and if the past two are any indication of how our future Valentine's days will be, I'll be happy with that.  

We decided to reminisce on how we met and spend our Love day where we had our first date, at Marcus Midtown Cinemas.  What's cool about this movie theater is they have a cinedine area, waiters & waitresses that come and take your order and discreetly bring whatever you want to you.  I was starving after work and eager to chow down some food.  It wasn't the most healthy meal: Grilled cheese with tomatoes and bacon on the side with a side of fries, we had onion rings to share and he had a burger & fries.  So greasy and unhealthy, but for one night we chose to indulge! And we loved all of it.  Especially the fact that we chose a very NON-Valentinesey movie:  Safe House.   I really like Denzel and we figured everyone was watching The Vow.  We both came out enjoying that movie a lot.  After that we picked up a frozen cappuccino from Quiktrip and drove around talking times! 

A simple Valentine's day for a simple couple who enjoy movies, food, sweets, and working out.   I did watch The Vow last weekend and it was so sweet & lovely.  What I really appreciated about it is that it's a true eventually I'm gonna get my guy to watch it...on redbox! And you should watch it too!

What did you do on Valentine's day? 

Friday, February 10, 2012

to Iphone? or not to Iphone?...

found this on google

It's finally time to face this question.  Whether I decide to be part of the iphone club or not.  My 2009 Blackberry pearl has been through it all.  I've been a good owner. may be almost time to retire my old friend.  The cons that are weighing heavily upon my consideration is: the data plan.  Paying more each month than I already do...
The questions... 
Is the extra cost of the data plan worth it?  Will I been using enough to be getting my money's worth or will I be spending more money because I'm using it too much?

The fabulousness that I covet... --> Anyone and all those I know who are iphone lovers have this app!! To me, it is genius! for peeps like me who lack a camera but always have my phone on me would find this application quite handy! The editing you can do, the instant upload to blog or facebook?! oh gosh yes.  And perhaps I wouldn't have to be pestering my amazing boyfriend for his spiffy camera ;o)
Words with Friends--> Ever since I heard about this game I always wanted to play.  I started helping my sister with some words on this app last night and I was hooked! Talk about stimulating your brain!
face time--> being that I'm miles and an ocean away from my besties at home and one of my bests living on the west coast, face time would be a really spiffy way of communicating across the miles.  This probably would have been awesome this past summer when my BF and I were apart for 4 months too. 
via pinterest
 ^^ A blinging cell phone case.  I'd probably prefer a tiny bit less bling, perhaps golds and pearls, bows, and a touch of yellow & blue.  But I'd love to have a personalized, sparkly cell phone case. 

The fabulousness of having an iphone outweighs the cons, but does it?  Do you have an iphone?  What do you absolutely LOVE about it? What do you really dislike about it?  Are the extra costs worth it? 

Your thoughts would help me bunches as I figure out if I should join the iphone club.  All of your thoughts would be appreciated! Thank you =) 

My Boyfriend and Me.  One of my favorite photos of us.

 *On a side note.  Tomorrow makes one year from the day that my boyfriend and I met.  It is such a special and important day to me...and to him.  I just wanted to share this photo above and wish all of you a wonderful Valentine's day weekend! Even if you're single, Valentine's day is about every type of LOVE! Have fun, be safe, and may God bless all of you with Love, Laughter, and Smiles*

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Thankfully Sweet Thursdays.

It's thursday and a part of me can't believe I've made it this far.  Yet, as I look back on the past few days, I realize how I have.  School. Work. Homework. Sleep.  Therapeutic pets: Catch, Iwan, and Gizmo. Remembering to put one step in front of the other.  Praying even more...thanking God for all the blessings I already have, the blessings to come, and the strength to continue to love deeply. 

Some of the things that get me through hardships are amazing quotes by amazing people.  Whether it's leading ladies like Eleanor Roosevelt or Anonymous people who end up saying something wise, I've always been intrigued by spiritual, touching, and moving quotes.  I started this obsession with shared wisdom probably in college and as I would read numerous books for my major and books, magazines, and articles for pleasure, the intrigue continued.  The fabulous finds were torn and kept in handy binders with clear sheet protectors, just in case I need to sift through wisdom to get through the day. 

Now, in 2012 and partly 2011, I've jumped on a Pinterest bandwagon thanks to my buddy Ashley.  As much as I love laying down and reading a good mag, it's nice to search through different "pins" on pinterest.  One of my absolute favorite boards is my words for your soul board.  They inspire me and push me and remind me to get back on track when I'm having a tough day.

Just like the words above, sometimes we all need a little reminder, to step back and take a deep breath, to get back on track, and to remember to love.  There are times we are all a little bit selfish, a little bit mean, and a little bit inconsiderate, we all have those days.  Yet, there are the times when we love deeply, love without expectation, and love without conditions.

And that's what I'm thankful for this thursday.  Remembering that we are not always perfect because really, only God is.  Remembering that when you truly love someone there are no conditions involved, no expectations involved, and no perfect fairytale.  You love because there are no words to describe it.  You love because it is a blessing to be able to open up and share your love and to be loved by someone else.  For's my BF, my family, his family, and my besties I consider my family =) My friends and all I care about. 

Now, I wanna know, are any of you on pinterest?  What's your favorite pins to pin?  What's your favorite board?  Please share!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

snow fallin & love.

Mahoney State park.  Taken by me on my love's camera.

I've been m.i.a. for about two weeks now, and for that, please forgive me.  That time away from blog world was interesting.  I had this urge to write to keep in "touch" with all of you...yet I also felt that I needed time away.  To experience what was going on.

Work has been tough.  It's one of those feelings where you know you are doing your best, but in someone else's eyes, you are just sub par.  Not enough.  You come to a breaking point where you realize that you deserve to be treated better and would choose that over money any day.   My amazing coworkers helped me through it all and I'm heading on in to work today.  Being nice is great and all, but being too nice could be interpreted as "easy to walk all over."  The latter is an experience all too familiar.   My boyfriend encouraged me to stand up for myself, and I plan to. Should the circumstances surface again.

Life has been a whirlwind.  My sister broke her leg.  Then her beloved dog died.  I decided to spend time with my sister and family that weekend.  To be there for her in a hardship and do what I can since she broke her leg.  I loved Elektra too, a german shephard that was sweet to everyone, the guinea pig, and the cat.  The next weekend I spent with the family again at the state park here.  It was nice to get away and wake up to winter wonderland.  It was so beautiful.  My niece and I went ice skating, her first time.  The joy and smiles my niece had were priceless.  I am so thankful for those moments.

Other than has been a little roller coaster.  The hard part is feeling like you are on one page and believing that that is the same page as everyone else, then realizing you're not.  Being certain you reached an understanding;  A place where you can move forward and get back to happy.  Then realizing...perhaps it wasn't all understood. 

Then stress, frustration, irritation, and anger come along and causes you or them to say or do things that you probably wouldn't do.  Negativity is the worst.  It gets no one anywhere and drains you of the love and positivity you can give.  Over the years, I've learned and tried so very hard to apply in my life, that in order to completely love someone else, you must completely love yourself.  At this point, I believe that I'm there, and have been there for awhile now.  I am able to give my whole heart and self to my boyfriend because I love myself enough to do so.  And I love him dearly.   Right now, it's a tough time.  Along with doing what's best for what we have, for me, and for him, I have faith and trust in our relationship, the love we share, and what we want for each other.  God knows best.  And you know that yours truly has been praying!!!! For others of course and for guidance.  Giving God your worries helps a lot.  I truly believe, that if he brought you to it, he'll get you through it.

This all sounds a bit sad.  The silver lining is that the love we have will get through anything.  The love that I have for others will help my sister get through her healing process and losing Elektra.  The love we share with anyone really helps make the world around you a seem like it's blanketed in rose colors and flowers.

The moral of the story is: we must always remember to see through the eyes of love.  It will only make you stronger, wiser, and full of love.  And that's what we all want.

This is Iwan. 

He was my study buddy all through spring quarter last year and he spent the weekend with us at Mahoney park too.  He's sweet. He loves to cuddle but also bothers the cat.  He's a competition dog that will start competing again with a different owner.  We're gonna miss Iwan so much!!! and his hugs!


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