Monday, February 27, 2012

i have a dream...or two.

via pinterest via Cape Cod Collegiate
Perhaps I have a few dreams I hold dear, but the dream I've been thinking about for several weeks now is the wonderful desk space above.  It seriously makes me giddy just looking at it.  Because, to me, to create great work-- whether it's a paper, a project, a beautiful birthday card, it's imperative to have an area that inspires you and that gives you the little kick to get your brain working.   Now this isn't one of those dreams where I'm just dreaming and not really going to do anything about it, I fully intend to make the above workstation become a reality.  Eventually, when we're in a place that will be pretty permanent for us.  Including the computer, it may be a PC, but the screen size is perfect.  I like the large desk area, the pretty folder holders on the wall, and the large drawers underneath.  It is a beaut.

Making your dreams into reality can be a challenge.  The workspace above may be on the back burner for a year or more, but I know I'll make it happen. Making dreams happen is a wonderful experience.  And I highly recommend  doing so.  I'm currently in school, again,  to make my dream career into a reality.  It's definitely not an easy ride, but it's a ride I'm happy to be on.  What makes it even better is having a wonderful support network of family & besties that believe in it and me.

Now...I may be unable to be in my dream workstation now, but I make do to find creative inspiration through other well as studying in the wee hours of the morning, when my school brain is most awake.  Crazy, yes, but it works!

Where do you go to feel inspired? 


Julia said...

i share your dream :) thats a beautiful and inspiring workstation indeed, i love the colors and the small subtle details!

Anonymous said...

there's NOTHING more inspiring than a pretty, clean and organized place to daydream!

Alli said...

Lovely! I am right there with you. In the next five months my fiance and I will be getting teaching jobs and we have no idea where will will be. Since we're still a few months out it's exciting. What will our apt/townhouse/home look like? What city will it be in? ... and of course - how will we get to decorate?!

I love the colors in that photo and I even pinned it myself. I think you're right, that to create something you need a little inspiration. I'd love to hear about how you make it become a reality!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

That's a nice office space for sure!


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