Friday, June 15, 2012

it all comes together.

muddy & happy = that's me!

Last week wednesday, June 6th, I turned the modest 28. I didn't think anything would change, I looked the same, I surely thought I felt the same, I had the same beautiful and true friends...there were very few changes on that particular day.  Yet, there have been so many changes this past year that have made turning the lovely 2-8 so very different than any other year.

I would say I have had my bratty, stubborn, silly, and moody moments, there are no denials here, and though in some ways I have regressed, something came over me these past two weeks; As though everything became clear to me, reflecting on this past year, the responsibilities ahead of me, and the person I am and the person I want to be.

All the little things that used to bother me are just silly and 
insignificant to the bigger picture.
It all came full circle...
 every moment that lead up to that 
realization was meant to happen the
way that it did. 

Birthday Celebratory activities: 
Tuesday evening:  when I got back to my sister's I was surprised with some pretty bedding and zebra pillows for my bday present! Then off to dinner with the fam bam eating at Crave Restaurant for some steak medallions, poke, and yummy dessert. I also learned that my niece Lia likes Bon Jovi! What a cool Kat.

Wednesday: I started off my morning with breakfast with my boyfriend's beautiful sisters at: Le Peep. Lunch at Biaggis, one of my favorites! Then finished the night going to my first class of Human Anatomy & Physiology, proving to be an intense class and thankfully we have a great teacher!

The weekend celebrations included: the Manny vs. Bradley fight at Joel's sister's house with the whole gang and friends coming over for the big fight.  We even had the fight up  on a projector screen so everyone can see.  The fight was totally Manny's btw, if you're bradley fans, I'm sorry, but Manny was the winner in our books! 

Joel and his fam gave me a pretty surprise with chocolate cupcakes with a mini cake in the middle with butterflies and flower rings all around, it was so pretty I was delightfully and wonderfully surprised! :) they are the sweetest!

The next day was... Warrior Dash! : You can see my picture above that getting muddy was a given but the camaraderie, teamwork, and sportsmanship were the true rewards from this fun obstacle course.  The running the hills were brutal and the dry air made it worse, but doing it with Joel and his sister helped immensely.  Joel kept us going and never left us behind, was a true gentlemen checking on us and helping another girl out of that slick mud!  I'm so glad we did it together and it just goes to show that I need to start training a lot more for my half marathon later this year!  Here are more pics from Warrior dash. 

And that about wraps up my birthday week/weekend.  Thank you to everyone who sent me wishes and love on my birthday, it truly means a lot and I wish all of you a wonderful friday and weekend! 

Before I leave you, my question for you to ponder is this:
Have you found yourself reflecting on your past or present and learning from it, 
moving past it, and seeing who you want to be or meant to be?
I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

My word.

As we grow up there are several people along the way that truly make a mark on your life.  For me, it was our 1sgt of our Na Koa club.  Na Koa was a club for kids who wanted to do something different in high school, something more rugged, muddy, and fun.  I found myself in this group of kids when I was accepted to Kamehameha schools and my sister was a member before I became a student.  
Unfortunately, my last year at Kamehameha was also the last year of the club, so 1sgt did something a little different for a few of us.  He gave us a word/quote that he felt reflected that person.  Perhaps I took it more to heart than the other members, but my word always stuck with me.  It reminded me of following through with my goals and remembering to take each step one at a time and yet continue to focus on where I am going.  
My word was... 

 Success is to be measured no so much 
by the position that one  
has reached in life as by the 
obstacles that one has overcome. 
~Booker T. Washington
These words have come with me along every journey I've found myself in and the journey I'm currently on.  Oh how much I wish I could fast forward to graduating with my Master's in OT, but that is unrealistic.  I am slowly but surely getting there, maneuvering myself into job opportunities that will only enhance my resume and continuing to volunteer my time observing OTs during their therapy sessions. 

I had another opportunity yesterday for a new position and I'm hoping all goes well =) I'll let you all know how it goes! 

For now, here's a pin I found that I thought was interesting to read...


Happy Tuesday Folks! Take care & God bless!


Friday, June 01, 2012

hello june.

Taken on the hana kapi'ae trail on the north shore of Kaua'i via Mia Goo

June has finally arrived and I'm pretty excited for this month.  It's hard to believe that half of 2012 has gone by so quickly.  Just a few months ago my boyfriend, his family, and I were planning our trip to Manila, Phillipines and now I'm gearing up to welcome being 28 and continue my classes for school.  Craziness. 

Amongst the craziness there are a few roses I've found along the way.  Here are several things that have brought happiness to my heart this week. 

*I had an interview today for a new opportunity that I hope works out well!

* My grandpa told me he was eating a mango from our old mango tree at home.  Those mangoes are delicious I was happy to hear it's still growing! They're also my favorite mangoes too.  The tree is probably over 30 years old! 

* Spent some time with my niece earlier in the week which is always a wonderful time =) 

* Received my textbooks for school. 

In darkness, confusion, and/or challenges of any accord, there will always, always, always, be something to be happy about.  Now that we're at the half way point and we have 6 months still ahead of us this kind reminder will be my mantra for the rest of the year.  Sticking to it and sticking to my guns in the rest of my life will be the challenge, but a challenge I'm willing to embrace. 

What has brought you roses and smiles this week?


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