Tuesday, June 05, 2012

My word.

As we grow up there are several people along the way that truly make a mark on your life.  For me, it was our 1sgt of our Na Koa club.  Na Koa was a club for kids who wanted to do something different in high school, something more rugged, muddy, and fun.  I found myself in this group of kids when I was accepted to Kamehameha schools and my sister was a member before I became a student.  
Unfortunately, my last year at Kamehameha was also the last year of the club, so 1sgt did something a little different for a few of us.  He gave us a word/quote that he felt reflected that person.  Perhaps I took it more to heart than the other members, but my word always stuck with me.  It reminded me of following through with my goals and remembering to take each step one at a time and yet continue to focus on where I am going.  
My word was... 

 Success is to be measured no so much 
by the position that one  
has reached in life as by the 
obstacles that one has overcome. 
~Booker T. Washington
These words have come with me along every journey I've found myself in and the journey I'm currently on.  Oh how much I wish I could fast forward to graduating with my Master's in OT, but that is unrealistic.  I am slowly but surely getting there, maneuvering myself into job opportunities that will only enhance my resume and continuing to volunteer my time observing OTs during their therapy sessions. 

I had another opportunity yesterday for a new position and I'm hoping all goes well =) I'll let you all know how it goes! 

For now, here's a pin I found that I thought was interesting to read...


Happy Tuesday Folks! Take care & God bless!


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