Tuesday, September 25, 2012

what do you believe in?

Link ups are always fun.  You get to meet other bloggers and do something fun on your own blog.  I saw this post on Bri's site and hopped over to Erin's over at Living in Yellow to join this link up.  So let's get started...

I believe in eating dark leafy greens, nuts, and fiber.
I believe that prejudging anyone and anything is unfair.
I believe that joy and happiness are two different feelings.
I believe in smiling with your heart. 

great example! 

I believe in vintage charm. 
I believe in getting out of your comfort zone.
I believe in love.
I believe in nurturing and protecting my relationships.

 I believe in believing in yourself. 
I believe that what makes someone beautiful is  their love for themselves and for others. 
I believe in hugs and smiling.   

I believe in capturing fun moments with family.
I believe in family and value the meaning of it. 

I believe in shopping at Thrift Shops and Goodwill. 
I believe in small businesses. 
I believe in eating. 

I believe in traveling and what that experience allows you to learn. 

I believe in remaining focused on your goals no matter what obstacles come your way. 
I believe in surrounding yourself with loved ones that support you and your goals.
I believe in having a group of best girlfriends that you think of as sisters more than just friends. 

I believe in dessert & cupcakes. 
I believe in a good hot chocolate. 
I believe in breakfast at any time of the day. 

I believe in finding beauty outside. 
I believe in giving back to the community whether it's through donations, joining community races and runs, or physically being there to help out. 
I believe in caring for animals like they are your own. 

I believe that making mistakes can make you a better person as long as the lesson was learned. 
I believe that exercising makes you happy. 
I believe in creativity and drinking water.
I believe in color. 

I believe in the power of prayer.
I believe in God. 

What do you about you?  

Saturday, September 22, 2012


my "official" picture

When life throws you lemons and apples and cantaloupes what do you do?

I slice them up, put them in a blender and drink a smoothie.

When you have a plan for your year, month, or week you expect it to go that way.  However, life is unpredictable and my motto at work is, "you've got to roll with the punches."  And I find that very true with life.  Since moving to Omaha I have been...fortunate to experience a myriad of changes and obstacles.  All of those experiences whether frustrating or so much fun have lead me to look back and feel an abundance of fulfillment.  Looking forward I see the path that I have been blessed with more clearly...why certain changes have happened and what I can do now to reach my goals in the near future.

One of the most exciting experiences I am ecstatic to share with you is...that I'm officially a...
click here :)

It took me quite some time for me to sign up, like everything else, I wanted to be completely sure that investing in this company was beneficial for me.  I asked tons of questions to my sponsor, customer service via chat option on their website, and researched a ton.  I have the great support from my boyfriend who believes in it and me. He loves that I now have a business that I love and feel passionate about.   My sister will even tell you, since I was little, I've always adored gorgeous jewelry. She loves the jewelry too!  It can be quite addicting!  Read my profile here about why I love this company.

Since I'm just starting out and I'm still fairly new here in Omaha, it's been a bit of challenge getting out of my comfort zone trying to bring the personalized experience to a lucky hostess.  Heck! This is one of the biggest reasons why I became a Stylist! I want to meet fabulous women who want to spend time friends and play some dress up with pretty & sparkly jewelry.  If you're in the Nebraska area I would love style you and your friends, give me a holla! =)

Here's more insight on what the Trunk Show Experience really is.
Pretty cool right? All women deserve to feel special and glam... Take it from Ms. Hepburn herself, her quote reminds me to remember that we are amazing.  

"Always be the Leading Lady of your Own Life." 
~Audrey Hepburn

women deserve to feel like the Leading Lady of their life, every aspect of their lives.   

Getting back to my smoothie metaphor...

when life gives you a bunch of different avenues to succeed, find a way to blend them together for a common goal.

My absolute main focus these last few months of the year is school.  Everything is just details that complement my main goal of succeeding in my future career.  Life is about balance and when it tries to throw you off balance, that's when you look inside yourself to find what truly matters to you.   

Motivational quotes have always helped me. 

Let me ask you this:  How do you view life when it tries to throw you off balance?  

Thursday, August 30, 2012

my passion. my fun.

Stella & Dot

a new adventure....

Chicago, "I love you."  

Chicago was wonderful.  Still so much to share!  I've been studying and working and have been missing all of my bloggy friends and writing for all of you.   Be back soon! 

as always, take care and have a wonderful 
Thursday my loves! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

back from the books.

Woweeee! It has been over a month since I've last posted on this blog...and during that month there has been so much going on, just thinking about it makes my head spin!  But, here's a run down of how I've been spending the last several weeks outside of the blog world...

...Buried my head in books and studied my heart out... 

...stressed out about school...

...started my new job at Children's hospital & medical center... 

...met some new friends and spent time with some old friends... 

...hosted an amazing Stella & Dot trunk show... 

...had an amazing zoo date with my boyfriend... 


...went on an adventurous road trip... 
which started off in Iowa

...through Illinois then to Indianapolis for GENCON 2012!

bombshell woman miniature.  she rocks. 

This was my very first "Con" and it was really neat! I had no idea what to really expect from this and luckily I finished school just in time for the drive to Indiana for the Saturday of Gen Con.  The only part I was bummed about was that they ran out of those cool lanyards you get with your name tag!! We stayed most of the day here walking around, trying out some games, and just people watching.  It's the most interesting people watching to date!  I loved how everyone who dressed up really played the part of the character they were dressed up as.  The miniature models for games like warmachine were expertly painted I can only imagine how tedious and time consuming it takes to get these miniatures just perfect.   After GenCon we headed over to the Indianapolis institute of art.  The actual museum was closed but the gardens were open to the public.  

artistic playground with basket ball hoops. my out of the box thinking boyfriend said these arches depict the ball bouncing.  pretty darn cool.

After exploring the grounds of the Museum of Art in Indianapolis we jetted off to Chicago for more fun and adventure.  I have a ton more pictures to share with you so I'll post again tomorrow morning more of our trip to Chicago.  

our first night in Chicago

It took about 4 or 5 hours to get to Chicago from Indianapolis and we were both tired and going on 5 hour energy drinks.  I'm so happy to be back to blogging again and sharing with you pictures and fun of what I've been up to.  Looking forward to catching up with my friends here and I will be back tomorrow for my Chicago post! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

the 411.

Cruising around blog land and reading some of my favorite blogs I saw this link up on Krysten's blog and thought this would be fun. It starts all the way over at Becky's blog.  Both blogs are amazing and you should check them out!  If you'd like to join me in this link up, which I highly recommend,  check out Becky's page and we can all get to know each other a little better.

1. How long have you been blogging? And what got you started on blogging? Has your blog changed? 
I've been a blogger since August 2011. I started blogging when I knew I was going to be moving from my home of Hawai'i to Nebraska.  I also knew I'd be doing some traveling so as a way to stay connected with my friends at home and share with them what I'm doing up here in the mid west and having a love for writing, I "gave birth" to Kailztales.  All that you read are the tales of my love for positivity,  my life, my adventures, my thoughts, and everything in between. I'm working towards having regular subject blogs that I plan to follow through with as much as my school work allows.  It has changed a few times, but I feel like I'm finally at a place where I know where I'm going with it.
2. Did you go to college? If so where, and what did you study?
I did.  I went to a few...I went to Washington State University in Pullman, Washington, where I was incredibly homesick...then I attended Creighton University here in Nebraska, thinking being with my sister would make me feel less homesick, only to find out the brutal winters made me want to go home to Hawai'i even more.  I finished up my undergrad degree at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa in English and have found myself back in school starting last year doing all my pre-requisites I need to apply for an Occupational Therapy program.  So I'm currently at a community college here.  
 3. Where have you traveled? 
I've been very fortunate, since I first became a passenger on a plane leaving Hawai'i, when I was 18, to have traveled to several different places in the past ten years.  
On the continental United States:
I've been to Washington State, Idaho, Nebraska, Colorado, Minnesota, Southern California, Orlando Florida (specifically Disney World), Chicago, Iowa,  Las Vegas (with my amazing boyfriend, it's really become one of my favorite places to visit), New Orleans, Kansas CityMissouri.
Outside of the Continental United states:
Hawai'i Island: Kona & Hilo, Maui, Kaua'i, Paranaque, Las Pinas, and Manila Phillipines, Bangkok Thailand
4. If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you would buy? 
If I won the lottery I would probably buy my mom her own apartment and build my grandpa and Uncle a new house on his property. Then I would pay off my student loans, buy a house, donate some to charity, and save some.  
5. What are your 3 biggest pet peeves? 
Not in any particular order... when lights, TVs, fans, etc are left on when no one is using them, being interrupted when I'm trying to say something, and when people aren't genuine. 
6. What is your favorite movie? 
hands down... The Sandlot, the original.  I can laugh over and over again!  
"You're killing me Smalls!" 
is my absolute favorite line in a movie....ever! 
7. What is your drink of choice; wine, beer, or liquor. Or Water, Soda, Tea?
Occasionally I will drink some wine and a mixed drink, and sometimes soda, but I have to say Water is truly my favorite drink of choice.   It's good for you, it's refreshing, and it always quenches my thirst.  
 8. What is something you enjoy to do when you have me time? 
I enjoy writing, watching movies, reading and doing crafts. 
9. If you could have a $10,000 shopping spree to one store, which store would it be? 
H&M, for the win! 
10. Share with us an embarrassing moment of your past? Or present. 
Probably the first time I went over to my boyfriend's family's house, I tripped on the step and fell down.  Forget about impressing my guy, I just showed my full clumsy colors, and he held his laugh too.  A sweetie.  
11. What day would you love to relive again? 
There are really so many and I could list them I'll just list a few.
Each time I would see my niece after awhile and she would hug me.
When I met my boyfriend...I still think about that day sometimes.
When I did the Walt Disney World Marathon with my sister, it was such hard work and took so much mentally...that I'm happy I did that.  And Disney is always the way to go when you want to have fun!
12. If your life was turned into a movie... what actor would play you? 
I think Zooey Deschanel would do a pretty good job... or Kate Beckinsale
13. What are the jobs you had in high school/college/the early years? 
Oh my gosh...I've had so many!!
Here we go:
Price Busters-cashier
Student help at all the colleges I've attended
American Eagle
Kahala Nui- a retirement community 
Cinnamon Girl 
Hair & Makeup by Bev
Soul Restaurant
Milan Laser Aesthetics
Children's Hospital & Medical Center
14. Show us a picture from high school or  college. 
This is the youngest picture I've found at one of my best friend's graduation.

15. If you could travel anywhere in the world, all expenses paid, where would you go?
I'd definitely go here with my boyfriend! For 3 weeks to Tahiti, one week in Bora Bora and two weeks on the Aranui3 sailing to different islands and to the Marquesas!

 16. Show us the most current picture of you or you, or your family, or anything of meaning to you. 
I love this picture my boyfriend took of me with my family

I really love this picture of my boyfriend and shows how much of an adventurous couple we are and that we don't mind getting muddy and doing obstacles just for fun! 
 17. Where do you see your life 5 years from now?
Five years from now I see myself as a graduate of an OT program, working in my profession, living closer to home, married, and with a dog. We shall see!! It's so exciting to see how these next few years will unfold, there's also a lot of work.  Staying focused during this time is crucial.

I hope you enjoyed this and I hope to learn more about you!

Take care & Smile! 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Second Hand finds Sundays!

Happy Sunday my bloggy friends!

Remember on my last post I shared with you that I have some new blog themes coming up?  Well here is a newbie that I thought would be really fun for everyone.  Second Hand finds Sundays will be a blog showcasing great deals & finds I've purchased from places like Goodwill, thrift shops, and boutique stores that carry second hand items.  Lately, I've been really fortunate to find some amazing treasures, useful knick knacks, and apparel that knock my socks off!

Anytime I shop at these places I'll make a post on Sundays to share with you what I've found sifting through the myriad of racks and shelves that people have cast off to the side.

My first Second Hand Find is from the Goodwill Reserve store here in Nebraska near the Old Market.  It's so amazing I felt like I was in vintage heaven walking in!   And the prices are wonderful as well.

My absolute love right now is this faux fur lined jacket I found at the Goodwill Reserve. It had the original tags, fits me pretty well, considering that in the winter time here in the midwest I am freezing!!
my niece Lia showing off the original tags

faux fur! 

Yes, it was mighty hot outside in this jacket and I'm sans makeup too.  But look at the jacket! Great right? The original price on this baby was $24 from Goodwill, but on this particular day purple tags were...50% off!!!  That's right, $12 for a brand spankin' new knee length jacket, from  The excitement in me was huge, heck, I'm still raving about it!

The jewels, on my feet are pretty cool too, called Barefoot Sandals are made by these two ladies who saw them in boutique stores in Florida and decided to make some of their own.  They currently sell them for $20 and if you like the cuteness of them you can email Wanda and Carol at Sweet ladies who also make these barefoot sandals for little girls, brides, bridesmaids.  They are great favors and gifts!

Have any of you found something you absolutely adore from Goodwill or a second hand store?  Do tell! 

That's all for this sunday, I hope you guys are having a swell weekend! 

Friday, July 13, 2012

happy highlights of the week

Bellagio swans!
It's aloha friday and I hope all of you have had an amazing and productive week!

Things have been really crazy with school, studying and trying to balance school, work, and volunteering, so my regular bloggy updates have been sporadic. But during this week I have had so many ideas for the blog that I'm excited to share with you in the coming weeks!!

Some of the happy highlights of this week that have made me super happy & smiley

*Goodwill trip with the sis to an amazing place that I felt like I've gone to heaven! Goodwill Reserve
*Receiving some sparkly jewelry which I adore! (seriously in need of a spiffy camera/iphone to post pics regularly!)
*finished up orientation classes for the new job.
*fam bam dinner at Pana 88
*had a mini slumber party with my niece
*start my new job today.
*wonderful date with my boyfriend that is still making my heart smile big & giddy.

Have a wonderful friday everyone! 

How was your week? Any happy highlights worthy of sharing??  

Friday, July 06, 2012

hug it out.

As this week comes to an end a new chapter for me begins.

Today is my last day at my old job and I'm ready for the new change to come beginning on monday.  As much as I'm eager to move forward there are so many things going on right now that I feel like I'm in the center of a whirlpool or hurricane watching everything go by me and just trying to find a way to calm the storm.  I've got 2 tests for school, trying to balance study time, completing all the work needed to do well, keeping up with my Occupational Therapy preparation many things that could lead me to dig a hole in the ground like an ostrich, stick my head in said hole and scream...

Perhaps a good hug will do just the trick.
My favorite lines from Ari from Entourage, "Hug it out!"
It's probably one of the most raunchy, manly shows I've watched, but I just love it, the chemistry between the actors, the lines, everything.

Back to hugs, that quote stuck with me out of all of the lines in the show than anything else, because it's kinda true...
when things are feeling negative: Hug it out
when things are feeling lovely & passionate: Hug it out
when you see an old friend or family member you haven't seen in awhile: Hug it out
when you just want to bypass the argument and beeline for the love you know you have for someone: Hug it out

There's just something to be said about a wonderful hug from someone you touches the heart all the way to the soul, and sometimes it's the only thing that will calm the storm going on all around you...and perhaps it's the only thing that will calm their storm going on around them too.

So when you're feeling happy: find someone to hug
when you're feeling lost & sad: grab your friend and give'em a squeeze
when you look at your boyfriend with love in your eyes: hold him tight and show him your love
just hug it out, it makes everyone feel good. 

By the's Panda week, celebrate all the cute pandas out there!

Have a great weekend my friends!!


Tuesday, July 03, 2012

sparkly love.

You know those times in your life when you think to yourself, I wanna look pretty, I wanna play dress up, or I just want to do something that will bring a smile to my face?  

Life always has its ups and downs and I truly believe that no matter what you're going through there will be something, whether its as small as seeing a tiny wild bunny hopping around, to having your little niece tell you she loves you,  there's always something to smile about. 

Lately, I've been finding that through the busy-ness of school, transitioning to a new job, volunteering, and finding the time to just breathe, I found some sparkle that had me thinking, oooh  perhaps a little shine and pretty might be fun!

When I first heard of stella & dot I thought to myself, meh it's just jewelry...Then I read more about the company, learned that one of my friends was a stylist, and read up on the trunk shows.  I didn't want to jump on the trendy bandwagon, but I began really liking their jewelry and what their company stood for.

The first piece of jewelry I saw on stella & dot that I loved was this pretty number...
Sloane Enamel Bangle

Alas, it was way out of my price range of affordability for I just put it waaaaaaaaaay in the back of my head.  Then, opportunity knocked and my friend's friend, who happens to be a stylist, was selling her sample! Or if you hosted a trunk show she would give it to you for free. I jumped on this opportunity and set up a date and time for this trunk show that I had never done before in my life.  I figured, if I could get something that I really wanted for free, why not set up a trunk show?!  I'm always about free stuff, and this might be fun!

 I'm somewhat of a shy person and meeting new people and let alone selling products is probably one of my weaker qualities.  However, she seemed really nice and excited and once you get the trunk show date & time finalized the company makes it really easy on you to start it up. 

I also have a very limited number of friends on my own here in Nebraska, thankfully my friends (including you readers too) can buy some lovely gifts online under my trunk show from now all the way up to August 24th.  Just click this link ---> Ka'ili's Stella & Dot Trunk Show and you're on your way to some sparkle and shine.  P.S. there's a 4th of July sale going on right now and the fall line will be coming out this weekend!!

At the end of all of this, I plan set up a Stella & Dot giveaway to one lovely reader, check back again in September when I'll post the hows and the whats of the giveaway. 

Here are a couple of pieces I've already enjoyed sparkle time with:

Birthday Gift

 A tid bit about the above earrings, I wore them to my interview at Children's Hospital & Medical Center, and my sister also wore them to an interview she had, and coincidentally, we both got hired at the respective companies! How crazy is that??!!  

Aren't they pretty?

So, for me, these past couple weeks I've been finding some happy time with dressing up in pretty dresses, tops, and sparkly goodness.  Of course you don't necessarily have to buy something new or sparkly to make yourself smile, but as a woman, it's a nice touch at times, and I hope to make others feel beautiful inside as much as they are beautiful on the outside, and if buying a gift for themselves will do that for them, I'm all for making someone smile. 

Lessons for this post: 
  • Always be open to opportunities that are out of your comfort zone, you may realize that there are qualities in you that have yet to be shown to the world. 
  • Be open to making new friends.  No matter where you live. 
  • In all the challenges, find it within yourself to be happy....  for your life, for your accomplishments, for your mistakes, and for your future goals.  
  • Always focus on what's ahead of you.
  • Lastly, always continue to believe in yourself, in love, and in God, no matter what goes on in the world or in your life, always believe.  

*cheers* to a wonderful Tuesday!  
May all of you have a 
blessed, safe, and fun

4th of July!

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Oh Happy Day!

It's been quite some time since I last wrote a post, but it was ALL for good reason!

First up, school has been crazy busy.  Taking a math class online is incredibly different and much more tedious than actually going to class. So much of my online time has been on the computer completing math homework. Human Anatomy & Physiology has been an adventure in itself and to supplement my lecture and lab I purchased a coloring book.  There's so much to know and having something to visualize everything will be a huge help for me.

and then there's good news and...more good news! 

Remember those new opportunities I briefly touched upon in a couple of my previous post?  Well one of those opportunities lead to a brand new position at a pediatric hospital here in Nebraska.  

I was hired at the Children's Hospital and Medical Center!  I'm nervous and excited at the same time.  One of the things I'm loving about this new position is that I get to wear scrubs! And cute ones at that! 
Goodwill find for $3.59

Yup! you read that right,  I found this cute scrub top in my size and in great condition at Goodwill along with a Little Miss Sunshine top too.  Another great thing about this position is that they have medical benefits and an employee health place you can go to if you're sick. It's something so important and valuable nowadays.  Getting medical benefits was one of my goals for this year as well, so checking that task off feels wonderful.  

Next up one of my wonderful besties came to visit me up here in nebraska for couple of days!! I was so touched to hear that she was coming up with her new guy for a wedding and also to see what Omaha was like! Pictures to come later =)  We got to celebrate their graduation and passing of their NCLEX boards!! We went to Life Uniform for scrubs, went to the zoo, had dinner with the fam and friends, drove out the next day to Kansas City for the day for some BBQ and walking around the plaza.  It was mighty hot but a great mini road trip! We topped off the night with some authentic mexican food from a small mom & pop place called Mi Casa. They have delicious tacos and FLAN!

So there's good news all around on this front and I'm feeling so happy, proud, and all these warm & fuzzies inside for all that's to come.  =)

Hope all of you had a splendid weekend! *cheers* and all that jazz!

Friday, June 15, 2012

it all comes together.

muddy & happy = that's me!

Last week wednesday, June 6th, I turned the modest 28. I didn't think anything would change, I looked the same, I surely thought I felt the same, I had the same beautiful and true friends...there were very few changes on that particular day.  Yet, there have been so many changes this past year that have made turning the lovely 2-8 so very different than any other year.

I would say I have had my bratty, stubborn, silly, and moody moments, there are no denials here, and though in some ways I have regressed, something came over me these past two weeks; As though everything became clear to me, reflecting on this past year, the responsibilities ahead of me, and the person I am and the person I want to be.

All the little things that used to bother me are just silly and 
insignificant to the bigger picture.
It all came full circle...
 every moment that lead up to that 
realization was meant to happen the
way that it did. 

Birthday Celebratory activities: 
Tuesday evening:  when I got back to my sister's I was surprised with some pretty bedding and zebra pillows for my bday present! Then off to dinner with the fam bam eating at Crave Restaurant for some steak medallions, poke, and yummy dessert. I also learned that my niece Lia likes Bon Jovi! What a cool Kat.

Wednesday: I started off my morning with breakfast with my boyfriend's beautiful sisters at: Le Peep. Lunch at Biaggis, one of my favorites! Then finished the night going to my first class of Human Anatomy & Physiology, proving to be an intense class and thankfully we have a great teacher!

The weekend celebrations included: the Manny vs. Bradley fight at Joel's sister's house with the whole gang and friends coming over for the big fight.  We even had the fight up  on a projector screen so everyone can see.  The fight was totally Manny's btw, if you're bradley fans, I'm sorry, but Manny was the winner in our books! 

Joel and his fam gave me a pretty surprise with chocolate cupcakes with a mini cake in the middle with butterflies and flower rings all around, it was so pretty I was delightfully and wonderfully surprised! :) they are the sweetest!

The next day was... Warrior Dash! : You can see my picture above that getting muddy was a given but the camaraderie, teamwork, and sportsmanship were the true rewards from this fun obstacle course.  The running the hills were brutal and the dry air made it worse, but doing it with Joel and his sister helped immensely.  Joel kept us going and never left us behind, was a true gentlemen checking on us and helping another girl out of that slick mud!  I'm so glad we did it together and it just goes to show that I need to start training a lot more for my half marathon later this year!  Here are more pics from Warrior dash. 

And that about wraps up my birthday week/weekend.  Thank you to everyone who sent me wishes and love on my birthday, it truly means a lot and I wish all of you a wonderful friday and weekend! 

Before I leave you, my question for you to ponder is this:
Have you found yourself reflecting on your past or present and learning from it, 
moving past it, and seeing who you want to be or meant to be?
I'd love to hear your thoughts! 


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