Friday, July 13, 2012

happy highlights of the week

Bellagio swans!
It's aloha friday and I hope all of you have had an amazing and productive week!

Things have been really crazy with school, studying and trying to balance school, work, and volunteering, so my regular bloggy updates have been sporadic. But during this week I have had so many ideas for the blog that I'm excited to share with you in the coming weeks!!

Some of the happy highlights of this week that have made me super happy & smiley

*Goodwill trip with the sis to an amazing place that I felt like I've gone to heaven! Goodwill Reserve
*Receiving some sparkly jewelry which I adore! (seriously in need of a spiffy camera/iphone to post pics regularly!)
*finished up orientation classes for the new job.
*fam bam dinner at Pana 88
*had a mini slumber party with my niece
*start my new job today.
*wonderful date with my boyfriend that is still making my heart smile big & giddy.

Have a wonderful friday everyone! 

How was your week? Any happy highlights worthy of sharing??  

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