Sunday, July 15, 2012

Second Hand finds Sundays!

Happy Sunday my bloggy friends!

Remember on my last post I shared with you that I have some new blog themes coming up?  Well here is a newbie that I thought would be really fun for everyone.  Second Hand finds Sundays will be a blog showcasing great deals & finds I've purchased from places like Goodwill, thrift shops, and boutique stores that carry second hand items.  Lately, I've been really fortunate to find some amazing treasures, useful knick knacks, and apparel that knock my socks off!

Anytime I shop at these places I'll make a post on Sundays to share with you what I've found sifting through the myriad of racks and shelves that people have cast off to the side.

My first Second Hand Find is from the Goodwill Reserve store here in Nebraska near the Old Market.  It's so amazing I felt like I was in vintage heaven walking in!   And the prices are wonderful as well.

My absolute love right now is this faux fur lined jacket I found at the Goodwill Reserve. It had the original tags, fits me pretty well, considering that in the winter time here in the midwest I am freezing!!
my niece Lia showing off the original tags

faux fur! 

Yes, it was mighty hot outside in this jacket and I'm sans makeup too.  But look at the jacket! Great right? The original price on this baby was $24 from Goodwill, but on this particular day purple tags were...50% off!!!  That's right, $12 for a brand spankin' new knee length jacket, from  The excitement in me was huge, heck, I'm still raving about it!

The jewels, on my feet are pretty cool too, called Barefoot Sandals are made by these two ladies who saw them in boutique stores in Florida and decided to make some of their own.  They currently sell them for $20 and if you like the cuteness of them you can email Wanda and Carol at Sweet ladies who also make these barefoot sandals for little girls, brides, bridesmaids.  They are great favors and gifts!

Have any of you found something you absolutely adore from Goodwill or a second hand store?  Do tell! 

That's all for this sunday, I hope you guys are having a swell weekend! 

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Bri Buzali said...

wow, what a cute jacket! and I can't believe it came from Goodwill! Awesome find :)

I hope you had a great weekend!


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