Sunday, July 01, 2012

Oh Happy Day!

It's been quite some time since I last wrote a post, but it was ALL for good reason!

First up, school has been crazy busy.  Taking a math class online is incredibly different and much more tedious than actually going to class. So much of my online time has been on the computer completing math homework. Human Anatomy & Physiology has been an adventure in itself and to supplement my lecture and lab I purchased a coloring book.  There's so much to know and having something to visualize everything will be a huge help for me.

and then there's good news and...more good news! 

Remember those new opportunities I briefly touched upon in a couple of my previous post?  Well one of those opportunities lead to a brand new position at a pediatric hospital here in Nebraska.  

I was hired at the Children's Hospital and Medical Center!  I'm nervous and excited at the same time.  One of the things I'm loving about this new position is that I get to wear scrubs! And cute ones at that! 
Goodwill find for $3.59

Yup! you read that right,  I found this cute scrub top in my size and in great condition at Goodwill along with a Little Miss Sunshine top too.  Another great thing about this position is that they have medical benefits and an employee health place you can go to if you're sick. It's something so important and valuable nowadays.  Getting medical benefits was one of my goals for this year as well, so checking that task off feels wonderful.  

Next up one of my wonderful besties came to visit me up here in nebraska for couple of days!! I was so touched to hear that she was coming up with her new guy for a wedding and also to see what Omaha was like! Pictures to come later =)  We got to celebrate their graduation and passing of their NCLEX boards!! We went to Life Uniform for scrubs, went to the zoo, had dinner with the fam and friends, drove out the next day to Kansas City for the day for some BBQ and walking around the plaza.  It was mighty hot but a great mini road trip! We topped off the night with some authentic mexican food from a small mom & pop place called Mi Casa. They have delicious tacos and FLAN!

So there's good news all around on this front and I'm feeling so happy, proud, and all these warm & fuzzies inside for all that's to come.  =)

Hope all of you had a splendid weekend! *cheers* and all that jazz!

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