Tuesday, September 25, 2012

what do you believe in?

Link ups are always fun.  You get to meet other bloggers and do something fun on your own blog.  I saw this post on Bri's site and hopped over to Erin's over at Living in Yellow to join this link up.  So let's get started...

I believe in eating dark leafy greens, nuts, and fiber.
I believe that prejudging anyone and anything is unfair.
I believe that joy and happiness are two different feelings.
I believe in smiling with your heart. 

great example! 

I believe in vintage charm. 
I believe in getting out of your comfort zone.
I believe in love.
I believe in nurturing and protecting my relationships.

 I believe in believing in yourself. 
I believe that what makes someone beautiful is  their love for themselves and for others. 
I believe in hugs and smiling.   

I believe in capturing fun moments with family.
I believe in family and value the meaning of it. 

I believe in shopping at Thrift Shops and Goodwill. 
I believe in small businesses. 
I believe in eating. 

I believe in traveling and what that experience allows you to learn. 

I believe in remaining focused on your goals no matter what obstacles come your way. 
I believe in surrounding yourself with loved ones that support you and your goals.
I believe in having a group of best girlfriends that you think of as sisters more than just friends. 

I believe in dessert & cupcakes. 
I believe in a good hot chocolate. 
I believe in breakfast at any time of the day. 

I believe in finding beauty outside. 
I believe in giving back to the community whether it's through donations, joining community races and runs, or physically being there to help out. 
I believe in caring for animals like they are your own. 

I believe that making mistakes can make you a better person as long as the lesson was learned. 
I believe that exercising makes you happy. 
I believe in creativity and drinking water.
I believe in color. 

I believe in the power of prayer.
I believe in God. 

What do you about you?  

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Mrs. Pancakes said...

This was a fun link! I love taking family pictures too!


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