Thursday, May 16, 2013

long time no write.

wow. It really has  been a long time since I last wrote.  So much has happened that I will give you a quick run down...this way I can come back to my blog and read up on my shortened version of all the great happenings that occurred in the past several months. here we go...

  • moved into an apartment with my mom.  
  • got a cat named wally.  
  • studied studied studied studied for A&P 2 and Statistics
  • Christmas time fun times and Secret Santa with the fam bam & highschool besties 
  • started off the new year budgeting and buckling down on community runs for the ENTIRE year.  Sad stuff but necessry considering expenses for the year. 
  • school finished with flying colors!! 
  • 2 year anniversary celebration with my boyfriend.  Good times & crafts. My creative juices started flowing and heartfelt gifts my favorite gifts to give. 
  • Went home to Honolulu for a much needed visit with the fam bam, besties, and celebrate a beautiful wedding of my bestie Christine and her now hubby Sid.  Enjoyed every beautiful relaxing moment at home and cherished every part of it. 
  • came back to nebraska to a job interview and moving time again!
  • finished my last two weeks at the hospital to start a new full time position at PayPal! 
  • bought a Schwinn Commuter bike, helmet, lock and I've been riding most days to work.
  • celebrated my boyfriend's birthday with his fam bam, an iron man cake, and watching Iron Man 3 with everyone :) 
  • enjoying my new job, making a few new friends, and staying in touch with my friends far away. 
yes. so much has happened. so much to catch up on.  I'll get back on my blog track and begin posting more pictures and adventures.  Here is a picture of my mom's  cat wally.  I miss him so much :) he's such a cutie.  


Sarah Dawneé said...

It is nice that you are back!

Wow. A lot has happened. It sounds like many, many good things have happened though. Which, I am glad to hear.

Congrats on the new job!

Welcome back to the blog sphere!


Charushii said...

I'm glad you're blogging again =) Wow, you've been a very hardworking and productive lady! Congratulations! Looking forward to more posts about your new job, applications and of course your new set of wheels ;)


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