Sunday, May 19, 2013

my first day

on the phones at PayPal was a trip.  My first day in training I felt comfortable and cool to handle whomever I'd answer the phone to.  Well...after learning half of what we need to know and were set out to answer phones I realized that all the information can be overwhelming...but knowing how to use your resources to find the answer to help someone is what really matters.  

As I reflected on this method of training and applying said training to my job this is quite similar to life.  As we journey through our lives facing obstacles, adventures, and experiences, memorable and not so memorable, each of those moments continue to move us forward.  It all depends on how we use those experiences, we can use them as a foundation and keep building on it to become a stronger person, or we can let those experiences go...  Or I could just be writing bubbles and this may not make much sense to anyone.  But somehow it makes sense to me, when we're young we go to school, some go to college, and some even go to graduate school.  

Do we know everything to do well in our career?  Do we have every experience to share with others therefore being a strong candidate as a professional?  

We know a lot. That is for sure.  But to know everything perhaps no.  What we do need to know is how to find and use the resources we've experienced or the resources we have on hand to provide the best answer or give our best selves to our customers/career/students what have you.  This is my biggest takeaway from my training so far and it is a great way to view life.  

How can we use our experiences and resources to be our best selves?  
I choose to use my experiences and resources to choose happiness even if it's hard sometimes. Happy days are my favorite.  
My sister's cat Catch. I miss & love her so much! 

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