Friday, February 10, 2012

to Iphone? or not to Iphone?...

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It's finally time to face this question.  Whether I decide to be part of the iphone club or not.  My 2009 Blackberry pearl has been through it all.  I've been a good owner. may be almost time to retire my old friend.  The cons that are weighing heavily upon my consideration is: the data plan.  Paying more each month than I already do...
The questions... 
Is the extra cost of the data plan worth it?  Will I been using enough to be getting my money's worth or will I be spending more money because I'm using it too much?

The fabulousness that I covet... --> Anyone and all those I know who are iphone lovers have this app!! To me, it is genius! for peeps like me who lack a camera but always have my phone on me would find this application quite handy! The editing you can do, the instant upload to blog or facebook?! oh gosh yes.  And perhaps I wouldn't have to be pestering my amazing boyfriend for his spiffy camera ;o)
Words with Friends--> Ever since I heard about this game I always wanted to play.  I started helping my sister with some words on this app last night and I was hooked! Talk about stimulating your brain!
face time--> being that I'm miles and an ocean away from my besties at home and one of my bests living on the west coast, face time would be a really spiffy way of communicating across the miles.  This probably would have been awesome this past summer when my BF and I were apart for 4 months too. 
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 ^^ A blinging cell phone case.  I'd probably prefer a tiny bit less bling, perhaps golds and pearls, bows, and a touch of yellow & blue.  But I'd love to have a personalized, sparkly cell phone case. 

The fabulousness of having an iphone outweighs the cons, but does it?  Do you have an iphone?  What do you absolutely LOVE about it? What do you really dislike about it?  Are the extra costs worth it? 

Your thoughts would help me bunches as I figure out if I should join the iphone club.  All of your thoughts would be appreciated! Thank you =) 

My Boyfriend and Me.  One of my favorite photos of us.

 *On a side note.  Tomorrow makes one year from the day that my boyfriend and I met.  It is such a special and important day to me...and to him.  I just wanted to share this photo above and wish all of you a wonderful Valentine's day weekend! Even if you're single, Valentine's day is about every type of LOVE! Have fun, be safe, and may God bless all of you with Love, Laughter, and Smiles*


JoJo said...

team iPhone all the way!


Michelle said...

I live without an iPhone. At least for now. I figure with blogging and blogsurfing and Twitter, that I don't need one more thing to play with. That being said - I'm with you, I feel like I am missing out on the fun of WWFand the coolness of instagram! And I reckon there is the extra expense too...that I am just not willing to take on either and steal money away from my other vices. Good luck with your decision...whatever works for you.


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