Friday, February 17, 2012

Love day recap

This year our Valentine's day was relaxing and fun.  This is the second Valentine's day we've spent together and if the past two are any indication of how our future Valentine's days will be, I'll be happy with that.  

We decided to reminisce on how we met and spend our Love day where we had our first date, at Marcus Midtown Cinemas.  What's cool about this movie theater is they have a cinedine area, waiters & waitresses that come and take your order and discreetly bring whatever you want to you.  I was starving after work and eager to chow down some food.  It wasn't the most healthy meal: Grilled cheese with tomatoes and bacon on the side with a side of fries, we had onion rings to share and he had a burger & fries.  So greasy and unhealthy, but for one night we chose to indulge! And we loved all of it.  Especially the fact that we chose a very NON-Valentinesey movie:  Safe House.   I really like Denzel and we figured everyone was watching The Vow.  We both came out enjoying that movie a lot.  After that we picked up a frozen cappuccino from Quiktrip and drove around talking times! 

A simple Valentine's day for a simple couple who enjoy movies, food, sweets, and working out.   I did watch The Vow last weekend and it was so sweet & lovely.  What I really appreciated about it is that it's a true eventually I'm gonna get my guy to watch it...on redbox! And you should watch it too!

What did you do on Valentine's day? 

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