Wednesday, February 25, 2015

It's on my Bucket List so I wanted to Try the World Venice!

A part of me has always had this travel bug just ready and waiting to explore and embrace cultures different from my own and foods that look and taste delicious but are incredibly different from food back home in the states and of course back home in Hawai'i.

I've been fortunate to travel a bit in the states with family, like New Orleans, Colorado--Estes Park, Denver--, Chicago, Las Vegas, Utah, Grand Canyon, Washington State and D.C., Virginia, San Francisco, and briefly in a few areas that I'm not sure count.  {Walt Disney World Marathon at WDW?}  I've also been been fortunate to visit the Phillipines, where my boyfriend and his family are from, and spend a few days in Bangkok, Thailand.  I have yet to visit the other side of the continental United States, up north in Canada, or Europe, but I'm hoping in a few years after I complete my degree we can do so.  

So... when I found this company I was excited to try out the surprises that they would send right to my door!  Even better there was a chance to win a trip to Venice, a place that has been on my list of places to visit since high school and a place I named my late bunny.  I have no idea how I found out about this company but I think it is a great concept and can really bring the 'World'  to people's homes.   As you can see the box is a gorgeous almost Tiffany blue color, we'll call it Audrey Hepburn green, because I adore her and this is a little more green than blue.  It too can be a great gifting box if you have no idea what to use it for yourself.  

As you can see, there's a bunch of goodies packed into this fairly small box.  And packed it was, I was worried that something might have opened in transit based on a few other's experiences I've read about on this company's facebook page, but everything was secure and happy!  They've included some great information about the products which is helpful since some of the items, the coffee and chocolate covered cherries, are in Italian.  a good sign...if you know what I mean! ;)  There's even a little informational book with Italian recipes, some great info from their Expert, David Rosengarten, who helped create this Venice Box, and some historical info about the Carnival of Venice and stories behind the Carnival Masks.  I'll be keeping this book for a long time and will take it with me whenever it is that I visit Venice.  

Mogi Coffee
 I cheated a bit on this, I read a wonderful review that was featured on their facebook page and she wrote a lot about this coffee.  I wasn't sure I would have it in my box because they've recently become fairly popular and may have run out of it, but luckily I had it and it's the first thing I tried from this box.  The can is fairly small but the coffee packs a punch! When I opened the tin cover the aroma of the coffee was deep and full bodied.  I grew up around Kona coffee in my house and my best friend lives on a Kona Coffee farm so I feel a wee bit exposed to coffee. There's a distinct difference in smell and taste between this Italian coffee and coffee back home.  Distinct in a good way!! I've never tried coffee from another country before so this is my first step in doing so.  Normally I put cream and two sugars in my coffee, I know bad, but with this coffee I had it with coconut milk and it was divine! No sugar needed!! It's hard for me to drink black, so just coconut milk and the coffee, mmm. It's worth trying! 

Domori Cherry Chocolate Treats
I ripped open this bag and have been munching on this as I have been writing.  Have you ever tried those dilettante chocolate covered fruits you can find on the shelf at Trader Joe's?  Great right?  Well, these are fantastic! The cherry flavor is rich and juicy while the chocolate is dense with a bit of cocoa coating around it.  I probably wouldn't eat this on the regular but it definitely feels like a treat! It's made of Criollo cocoa, which I've never had before, but it is delish!  

Apicoltura Luca Finocchio, thousand flowers honey
There's something about honey that makes it so versatile and yummy! My favorite way to use honey is on fruits in the morning for breakfast, in yogurt, oatmeal, or smoothies.  I've even used honey as a cough and cold syrup with my Frankincense and On Guard DoTerra oils.  This honey is made on a farm in Tornarreccio, also known as the honey capital of Europe and its made to taste like the flowers that inspire it.  This company, according to the info card, prides itself on their knowledgeable and sustainable care for the bees that make this honey. I look forward to trying this in my tea or with my fruits!  

White Truffle Oil
This is the Mystery Treat!! It looks like every Try the World box comes with some sort of mystery treat and mine just happened to be...White Truffle Oil, I mean what more can I say? Maybe...YUMM!! 

La Bandita Di Danielea Mariotti, pear and grappa jam
This jam comes from a small farm in a province called Siena, it's a family owned farm.  The flavor of this jam/jelly sounds interesting as it is made with a brandy that is indigenous to the region of Italy.  I'm sure this would taste lovely on some crackers and cheese maybe a little bit of prosciutto as well.  This is a keeper for sure.   

Perugina, chocolate tab
I am a chocolate lover to the bone, so trying chocolate from a different country gives me an excitement only similar chocolate lovers experience.  It's as though a little happy dance goes on inside my heart when I am in the vicinity some a new chocolate! This chocolate is old school, it's from a confectionery that was founded in 1907, by Luisa Spagnoli and Giovanni Buitoni in Central Italy.  It's limoncello and dark chocolate, so this will probably be a bunch of citrusy divine goodness in my mouth.  I may share this with my mom and only ask for a bite of it.  We shall see! 

Marinella, spaghettata mix
I'm a little nervous to try this spaghettata mix as it is a spicy mix of flavors you just put in olive oil, let it soak for 10 mins then toss in cooked spaghetti.  This sounds like something locals would easily prepare for friends and family.  I may try this for my boyfriend since he has a spicy tooth, just not sure how this will taste.  But, that's what subscription boxes are all about right? Trying new products! 

There's a lot of products in this box and the concept of this company is fabulous!  I appreciate these carefully curated items that seem to be what locals enjoy in Venice.  I have no idea of the value of these items and if it was less, equal to, or more than what I paid, which was $39.  I will say I am happy with the products I was given in this box.  I love coffee, the chocolates are great, and I know I will use the truffle oil, jam, and honey.  I may gift the honey but either way I will use these products.  

Try the World: $39 every 2 months.  They do have 6 months, $105 ($35/box) and Yearly $198 ($33/box).  Each of them auto renews and you will have to email them to suspend or cancel subscription.  

*Descriptions of the items were used from the Info card provided by Try the World.  Opinions and photos are mine.  


Evolve With Mary said...

This little box of goodies is adorable. I'm lucky enough to travel 6-8 month out of the year, but I always feel a little guilty that my sister hasn't had the chance to explore the world. She would love this service, thank you so much for sharing this post!!! Can't wait to check out 'Try the World'

Evolve With Mary said...

This little box of goodies is adorable. I'm lucky enough to travel 6-8 month out of the year, but I always feel a little guilty that my sister hasn't had the chance to explore the world. She would love this service, thank you so much for sharing this post!!! Can't wait to check out 'Try the World'

♥ Ka`ili said...

I'm glad you stopped by! It's a great box of goodies, I would have never known about any of them if it weren't for this subscription :) Have a great day!


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