Friday, April 10, 2015

It really works!

A few months ago my sister shared with me about these Greens on the go packs that are filled with good for you stuff and enough greens for you to keep you going throughout the day.  She told me about becoming a loyal member, 3 months on auto-shipment, then free shipping after that.  I considered this for awhile, then decided to go for it.  I had nothing to lose and I've been trying to incorporate more healthy goodness in my life anyways.  

It works has a bunch of stuff to help you reach your weight loss goals, products to get your antioxidants, and products for your personal skin care routine.   My first two months as a loyal customer I purchased the It Works Greens Chews! These small purple rectangular chews are so delicious, it's like a treat when I pop a couple in my mouth as I start my day.  Two Chews a day give you the equivalent of 20 cartons of blueberries!  Crazy right, but I love it!  The biggest benefit I've noticed since taking these is, I'm going through the Spring season changes without getting sick! This is big for me, since I would normally get sick since I'm not used to the seasonal changes up here in Nebraska.  

After a couple months of receiving these chews I'm happy I tried something new and I now have something great I believe in and want to share with you.   I already have the Defining gel in my cart for next month, it does wonders for my eczema! If  you're interested in any other products they might have check out my sister's blog to read about some of her favorite products and her It Works! site for more product information.  I highly recommend these products for any goal that you have or if you're just looking to get some healthy into your routine!  

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