Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Orange Glad April box!

For as long as I can remember I have always had a sweet tooth! I discovered Orange Glad by scrolling through Instagram.  They had a special going on so I had to partake in this special to try a few goodies each month.  This box is $19.95/month and they also have a double treats box for $31.95/month.  These boxes are curated with different treats from around the country and Canada.  This is one of the boxes I really look forward to receiving because you never really know what you're going to get or what you're going to like.  This month's box I have really liked! 

Fairytale Brownies
This was the first treat I tried from the April box and I absolutely loved it! These brownies are made in Phoenix Arizona by lifelong friends.  When you bite into this brownie it's soft and moist. Once you start eating a few bites the flavor is so delicious that you can't save it for later.  At least, I couldn't.  It's rich and yummy! I'm actually considering getting some for my mom for Mother's day and just to have some in my apartment! It's that good! 

A Couple of Squares 
Next up was the chocolate chip biscuit from A Couple of Squares! Made in Ontario Canada by two lovely ladies that certainly know what they're doing.  These biscuits are buttery with the perfect amount of crisp without being too hard on your teeth.  I especially loved these and know they would pair well with a cup 'o joe or glass of milk.  Sadly, it's not available in the state I'm living in yet and I couldn't find how I can purchase them online, yet, so I'm hoping they offer to sell them on the Orange Glad site next month!  These are great!. 

Quin Candy
These chews hail from Portland Oregon and they are filled with deliciousness!  I haven't really tried a lot of chews in my life so far, I've had taffy from Colorado and if sourpatch kids count then I've had those.  But these chews, their really something special.  They're made in small batches so you know the attention to detail is on point.  I love the flavors they have 

Toffee Talk 
Almond and Chocolate Toffee.  This was great, I don't eat toffee to much but I liked this one.  No complaints here! 

Final Thoughts

It's a great box and with a coupon going on right now it's even better! Use code: mothersday40s  for 40% your box! Go ahead, treat yo-self!  I love that Orange Glad curates different sweets from all over which is good and bad depending on how much you love the sweets! 

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