Thursday, January 19, 2012

busy bee.

Hello there! I just wanted to take a break from my hectic week for a moment to write to all of you.  I've been so thankful this week for all the new readers that have been coming to my blog!! =) I've been meeting some great bloggy women out there and becoming inspired by all of you! This blog-world sure is fun & addicting! 

Some updates: I started volunteering at a great clinic for children with special needs.  I'm currently studying to attend Occupational Therapy School, so in an effort to gain more experience with OTs I'm shadowing and helping a couple of them at this clinic.  It's heart warming and touching spending time with these children and it makes me so happy to be able to give my time to them.  It's also a plus to be learning from these awesome Occupational Therapists. 

Two tests this week for school and it's been a little stressful.  Little things have been eating at me...perhaps poking me like a thorn...a bit annoying but I've been taking deep breaths to let it go =) one. step. at. a. time.  

Work has been a bit...crazy at times.  There's a possibility I could be adding more hours starting next week.  It's a good thing!! But...I'll have to come home and study like an over achiever chooses to do instead of yours truly, who would rather relax and watch movies or Home & Garden Television.  Who would have thought being responsible could be so...blah ?  I suppose blah is much better than the what it could be if I decided to slack on studying.  

Anyways, that's my wee bit of an update.  I've got another test today which I'm quite anxious about.  In an effort to calm myself and bring me a little happy, I've posted a picture of one of my favorite places.  Magic Kingdom at Disneyworld, hoping to bring you a little happy your way!  

Do you have a favorite place that brings you a little happy?  Where is it? 

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Funmilayo said...

go u! i think it's great that you are volunteering :)


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