Wednesday, May 30, 2012

and the day keeps looming closer...

Chocolate Caramel cupcake from Sucre in New Orleans,LA magazine street

A week from today I begin my 28th year of living.  Nothing feels different about me physically, perhaps the serious lack of working out maybe, but other than that there have been no changes in that department.  I do have to say that this past year has been a whirlwind of changes, trials, tribulations, and lessons.  It was only a year ago I was feeling bittersweet about leaving Nebraska to go back to Hawai'i for four months.  I was leaving the boyfriend who became the love of my life, for four months, but coming home to my friends and family whom I hadn't seen for 6 months.  (and preparing to visit New Orleans, LA, a place I think everyone should visit at least once in their life)

This year, I'm getting ready to begin summer school next week, eagerly awaiting my expensive books, and continuing to move towards my career goal.  I'm working towards having a more independent life so I can begin carving out a piece of my own story in Nebraska. I admit, I've been fighting it, fearing that I wouldn't fit in. In this case, fear is a good thing in a way.  It's pushing me to get out of my box and to embrace living here and the people here and make more friends and see new things.  I can be pretty really hard headed more times that I care to share, and I probably learn the hard way more often than not, but when I do get myself out of that rut; I'm all in.  Since I'll be here for awhile, at least until I'm accepted to an OT program, I might as well make the best of my decision to move here =)

I was going to put a picture of a collage of things that I would love to enjoy on my birthday, instead I chose one of the best cupcakes I've ever had.  So rather than post a photo of what I want on my birthday I posted a photo of what I love. Cupcakes.  We all need a reminder sometimes, a tap on the shoulder, telling us that we don't need things to be happy or have a happy birthday.

This year, what I would love to do on my birthday is enjoy the things and people I already have with me.  There are some people out there who don't have nearly as much as I do...
spending time with the ones I love
that would be the best gift God has given me already...

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