Thursday, July 25, 2013

{travel diary} D.C & Virginia

I had the fortunate opportunity to visit the East Coast for the very first time two weeks ago.  It was my boyfriend's brother's wedding!  An exciting trip because I had yet to see any US historical monuments that DC is known for and even more exciting is celebrating a love that is cemented with marriage.

Short and sweet as the trip was, a mere 3 days tops, I was able to pack my carry on with ample space left for my boyfriend's goods too.  .

When we finally landed in DC and headed to Alexandria Virginia I immediately felt an old town vibe.  Fittingly, we were staying in Oldtown Alexandria.  Sidewalks were cobblestone, buildings were brick, homes were similar to those in NOLA, narrow and high with doors that had personality.  

The whole fam bam and I stayed at the Hotel Monaco, a Kimpton Hotel, where the wedding was to be held.  And boy, this hotel was beautiful.  Pet friendly, the lounge had lemon or lime infused water throughout the day, the mornings there was coffee and tea to help boost your morning and robes awaited to embrace you in the cute closet in the room.  
Zebra print robes. fantastic!
The evening we got in we partook in the most delicious Tapas Dinner yet.  La Tasca was the restaurant that was lucky enough to accommodate 20+ guests and they did it wonderfully.   Casta menu you rock! As a yelper you can read my thorough review here

The next day my boyfriend and I walked around oldtown with Coco {bf's sis's dot} and found a delightful cupcake shop, no puppy treats for coco, but many human treats! Yelpy review here.

beautiful aren't they?  
That evening was the wedding and oh was it touching and fun!  You betcha, touching = a bit of tears.  It was such a sweet ceremony it was a battle to hold back the tears of happiness for this couple.  They are so fun and sweet and perfect for each other.  

It was a party that each of us had fun with.  My boyfriend gave a moving speech for his brother, The bride's sister and bestie each gave touching speeches, my boyfriend's family sang a song in filipino.  It was so much fun.  The photo booth was a hit, the DJ was a rockstar, playing tunes we could ALL dance to and have fun with.  Very well worth the hop skip and jump it took us to get there  =)  
the happy newly weds. 
The next day we went to the monuments.  I was so excited I was screeching with joy!  I finally got to see him, the one guy that I would probably want to have lunch with if I could with someone who has died.  
Mr. Abraham Lincoln.  
Regal and breathtaking.  It was amazing being in this memorial seeing his statue.  He had done so much in his lifetime, many could learn from him.  

We also saw the World War II Memorial, took pictures next to our states, {Nebraska} and {Hawai'i} even the Phillipines was there {along with other Pacific Islands that were affected by World War II. We saw the West Wing of the White House and the Washington Monument.  It was such a great experience.  So happy to have seen this all for the first time with Joel and his family and especially thankful to have celebrated a new Chapter with those two newlyweds above.  
Peace & Love til next time!

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Charushii said...

Awesome! Sounds like everyone enjoyed themselves on that trip to the east coast. And there's no better reason to visit than a wedding =)


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