Friday, December 02, 2011


An old time leisurely past time that many adore and many loathe. I'd place myself in the adore category, but at times, the loathe category. It's been a wee bit long since I've last posted...  There's just been so much going on. Transitioning into a new place and moving.  I think you can learn a lot about someone when you're moving.  It's a stressful time.  Especially moving to a new STATE.  Yes. I did that.  With my BF.  He helped me.  Has been patient with me. And has loved me through it all. just an understatement.  I thank God for him everyday.

Back to books.  I am starting school in two days, and I'm buying my book today.  I have my book for my other class. But, I have to physically go to the bookstore for my other book. This may sound normal for all you blog readers out there... but for me it's a little nostalgic and weird.  I've been in online classes all winter & spring last year...and this class is the first IN CLASS class I'll be taking since I graduated with my bachelor's.  Exciting, weird. It's Math.  Meh. On a good note, I'm hoping I can sell my other unnecessary books I accumulated last spring.  Hopefully it all goes swimmingly.

I'm hoping this book is much less than an arm and a leg. I'm hoping a pinky finger...funds are low. And I'm still job searching.  Staying optimistic though, who knows, something might turn up in a few days! *crossing fingers*

Have any of you been battling going back to school after being away for awhile? Or job search been rough?

Your thoughts and positive vibes would be greatly appreciated =)

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