Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Sweet Life. Thursdays.

Mixed cupcakes from Sucre:: taken by yours truly on my 3 year old black berry

Feelin' chilly over here in Omaha, and I still decided to go walking.  Sounds crazy, but I needed the fresh air.    Physical activity is a great way to clear your head, have some time to yourself, and get your blood circulating.  Which can also help make you happy!  So, despite the wind chill, and my cheeks turning a bright pink, I felt a little happy in my heart! 

A great quote I came across this morning helped me to get back on the happy track: "Be so happy that when others look at you they become happy too."  This is the perfect quote for today.  Forgetfulness has been my friend this past week and so has grumpiness.  With all the negatives this week, there were some silver linings that has made my Thursday a bit sweet.  

...First things first: The Sweet Life Thursdays begins with --National Cupcake Day! Cupcakes are my top choices for a dessert or a snack and my one of my favorite cupcake shops is Sucre in New Orleans where we got those cupcakes above.  They are gorgeous, huge, and full of delicious sweetness.  So, sometime today, I'll be biting into a cupcake from Cupcake Island, here in Omaha. 
...Sweet life #2:  Completely understanding what I'm learning in Math, really makes life a wee bit sweet!
...Sweet life #3:  Spending some quality love time with my boyfriend, watching movies and just chillin'.
...Sweet life #4:  making new friends in blogland.  A new experience that's been so wonderful so far!

This upcoming week, I'm focusing on being more positive and happy, to stop letting those little things bother me, and just go with the flow.  I'll also be finishing up my Christmas shopping, card making, and sending out Christmas gift packages.  A lot to do, but I'm excited for everything that's to come.  

What do you guys have to look forward to this coming week?  What has made your life a little sweet this week?  

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