Thursday, December 08, 2011

.The Sweet Life.Thursdays.

Sweetness comes in all sizes! 

Today is thursday.  And I think I'll dabble into a series of blogs on thursdays, rehashing the week that has gone by.  Thursday is a pleasant day because it's my last day of class, "in class," and it's the day my assignments are due for my online class.  So Thursday it is.  Each week I'll go through sweet things that I'm grateful for. Let's get started...

Whenever I find myself in a rut, which, lately, has been more often than I care for, I try to find the sweet things in my life that... will get me back on the optimistic train ride.  I've been so inspired these past few time laden weeks and months by so many creative and talented women out there.  If you've read my very first post you'll know how much i love writing.  It's been a back and forth relationship that I am now throwing myself all in to.  My creative side has been kicking in reading through Bethany's, amazing and beautiful DIY projects featured on her blog.  Sifting through so many different blogs  has been a wonderful ride and I'm glad to be getting my bloggy on!!

The rut that was recently experienced got me a bit irked at myself.  Why am I letting itty bitty nonsense bother me when I have sweet stuff all around me? To get back on that optimistic train again I found myself thinking about what I can do better as a person.  And in the end, it's admitting that I am somehow unhappy about something [check] then figuring out a way to make myself happy again, without expecting someone else to do it for me.  [check]  Today is a new day, yesterday is done, so it's what I do to day that's still to come.

  • Sweet stuff number 1:  my $9.99 Christmas gift to myself. Jewelmint's. pomander 32" pendant.  This pretty little number was just in my budget and had a vintage charm to it.  It was inspired by Kate Moss' own pendant which belonged to her grandmother ( or something of the sort) and what's neat about is you can open it up and place a piece of cotton in it with a spritz of your very own perfume!! GENIUS! 
  • Sweet stuff number 2:  Kung Fu Panda cub.  Enough said. 
  • Sweet stuff number 3: Krispy Kreme red velvet doughnut.  So deliciously wonderful!  Thank you to my boyfriend's sister for this super sweet treat.  
Now, this may sound a bit sappy, it's just imperative that I put things in perspective... but my absolute favorite sweet stuff is this guy...

We come from two very different...worlds, in a way. And our differences come up from time to time.   In the end, however, I will always go back to him and what we share.  It's the sweetest gift & blessing, that I will always be so happy for.  And that is worth more than any differences that we may have.

What do you think of or do when you're in a rut and in negativity-land? How do you get out of that rut? 


bethany said...

It's funny I should read this tonight, because Ka'ali, I am CRABBY. So very, very crabby.

But so you're right. The best thing to do is understand why I'm a total crankbox and what I'm willing to do to fix it. It's so much easier than I make it! :)

Often when I'm crabby I try to craft or eat something yummy. Tonight I was crabby enough to give up on fixing it, and headed straight for my sweats and my laptop. But maybe I'll fix that. :)

And it's not sappy at all to come back to your love! Gabe and I are the same, coming from very different worlds. But somehow it works...and I think the ability to make it work regardless of differences...that makes it extra wonderful.

By the way, I just sat and fed the fish in your blog sidebar for, like, 10 minutes. It made me super happy. :)


Bethany: First off, thanks for breaking in my blog with its very first comment!! I did a little happy dance when I saw it this morning :) thank you!

and I'll have to agree, that it is easier said/written than applying that concept into getting out of crabby & rutty moments, but when you do, it's ...sigh...nice :) and getting into comfy clothes and zoning out on your laptop is fun too, but I like eating something yummy and doing something creative too, that just FEELS good ;) haha.

It's so great to read about the love you and Gabe have, it's beautiful. And there is something wonderful about getting through those differences, it says a lot about a couple <3 *cheers* to us gals!! for having great relationships!!

and the FISH! aren't they cute! I'm glad they made you happy, those little things that put smiles on our faces, are just fabulous!! take care Bethany & have a great week :)

Sarah Dawneé said...

This was such a lovely post!

I'm new to your blog and actually wandered over here after seeing a sweet comment you left on Bethany's blog. I thought to myself, "From her comment she sounds like a sweet and caring person. I think I'll go see what her blog is like."

So, here I am!

That picture of you and your boyfriend is very sweet. (And, so are the words you wrote about him.)

When I get into a negative rut I usually put on some good uplifting music, pray, sing, write in my thankfulness journal (starting that journal was inspired by the book One Thousand Gift by Ann Voskamp), and if I'm in a creative rut I hop about in blog land to find inspiration from the many lovely bloggers.

I look forward to exploring your blog more! =)

Have a splendid day!



Thanks so much for comin' on over Sarah!! Blog land is still new for me, but I'm lovin' it so far, and it's great to meet you :) Music, praying, singing, and writing in a thankfulness journal, {which I think is genius, i must look up that book and give it a read :)} sounds like fabulous ways to get out of a negative rut. *cheers*

And, I'm glad you like our picture, we were laughing at how silly we must have looked, but it turned out all right. Haha.

Now, i'll hop on over to your blog, and share the love some more!

Have a wonderful Tuesday Sarah!


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