Monday, March 26, 2012

happy monday!

After a long week at work I was thrilled to finish my day on friday and begin my weekend, and the weekend started off wonderfully.

  • Let's start with thursday: All of us went to see the first installment of The Hunger Games.  I thought it was great.  They stayed true to the book in the 2 and a half hour slot they had to work with and used their own interpretation on the gamemakers and President Snow.  I think we were probably the oldest group of people there.  The theater was filled with highschoolers. It somewhat alarmed me that they were able to see a midnight showing of a movie on a school night.  That would have never flied when I was young. And I'd probably be too tired in the first place! Boy have things changed! 
  • friday: birthday celebration for Joel's sister.  This was great! We had lots of seafood (It was friday, no meat!)  My favorites of the night: Biaggi's spinach & lobster fettuccine --delish!!  check out their menu.  It was a wonderful celebration  with the whole family.  We closed out the night watching The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  Intense thriller, pretty graphic, superbly done.  
  • Saturday: it was definitely productive.  Got some errands done, watched the The descendants with the fam and got some much needed rest.  
  • Lia =)
  • Sunday: spent the day with my niece Lia, my sister and brother in law at the orchid festival at the lauritzen gardens.  It was a beautiful sunny & warm day here and it was perfect to be walking around this huge botanical garden. 
I love looking back at my weekend knowing that i got a lot done and feeling a warm happy in my heart having spent time with those I love and care about.  I hate leaving my niece when she still wants to hangout with me...I hope to  spend more time with her when we come back from our trip.  She's so awesome to play and hangout with! Miss her already.

How was your weekend? Did you see any great movies or get some much needed spring cleaning done? 

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