Thursday, March 08, 2012

you're like gold.

yes that's a starbucks gold card =)
The above picture are my favorite gold things.  As you can see all the items are gold.  My compact and even my starbucks card. Yess! and now that I'm starbucks gold, I don't need to frequent the place as much.  We'll see how that goes. Gold is precious to me and at a figurative standpoint all those I love and care about are like gold to me.  I keep them near and dear to me.  Just like the gold I was gifted from my grandmother when I was young.  My bracelet is about seventeen years old now and I barely ever take it off.  So all those I love, my BF, his family, my family, and my besties, are like gold pieces of beauty to me.  I keep them, forever, and always have them close, because they are the jewels of my life.

After reading about Joseph Kony and all of the crimes he has committed it got me thinking quite a bit. This guy has been creating an army of children for over two decades, so much so that children in Africa find that it is better to die and see their siblings or parents in heaven, than to live and be abducted by him or his army.  

The video pulled and tugged at my heart and gave me goosebumps, and moved me.  When  Jason Russel began explaining who Joseph Kony was to his son Gavin, who is four, it broke my heart that there are children his age being recruited into Kony's army.  My niece and my bf's nieces are all young too, 6 and 8, and they too are of age of the girls that Kony takes with him into his Army.  Though Africa is thousands of miles away from where we are, we can all do something about saving these children.  Because, everyone deserves to live a full and happy life.  

A couple of years ago I met a teacher where I was working who taught in Uganda for a summer, and she told me about the Invisible children project.  I wasn't aware of the details of this project and wasn't in the right place financially to help monetarily, but I knew she was a strong supporter of this organization.  Now that this movement has gained much more momentum than it had a couple of years ago and that I know much more about their movement I am doing what I can to help those who are suffering in these children can return to their families and Joseph Kony can be arrested. 

Life is fleeting. Life is precious. Life is wonderful.  Life is as precious as gold has always been to mankind.  Perhaps even more so depending on who you speak to.  I have always had an affinity for gold and for giving to others who are less fortunate than I am.  I may not be rich with money, but I do my best to give back to others when possible. 

This Sweet Thursday I would just like to politely remind all of you and myself for the lives we are fortunate to have here in the U.S., a place we don't have to be afraid to fall asleep at night for fear of being abducted and mutilated. If you would like to help in any way click here.

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