Monday, March 19, 2012

i hunger for more...

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Reading a good book has always been leisurely pleasure to me.  There's just something about burying yourself in a book that's more fulfilling than watching a movie sometimes.  *Gasp*  Yes, I said it, reading can sometimes be better than watching a movie.  And if anyone knows me quite well, I do watch my fair share of movies.  Now, don't get me wrong, a good film is also wonderful, you get to see a new world and experience someone else's world for an hour or two, and that's just exciting and entertaining at the same time.

But a good book? Hands down one of my favorite past times...since my high school years.  When it comes to reading series of books and trilogies, they have to encompass several things in order for me to invest my play time into it.  I'm always a little apprehensive in the beginning...when the hook is deep and I'm turning page after page, that's a winnah in my book!

When my boyfriend's sisters and the gfs in the family decided on a family book club, the first book was: The Hunger Games, I was just as apprehensive as I always am.  First, I had to get through winter quarter of school before devoting my time to a book I knew little about.  When school was finished, I decided to begin chapter 1.  A week goes by, and I pace myself with a chapter or two a night before sleeping. Then I'm done.  Sitting here anxious and eager to read the second (Thank gosh there's a second and third! Imagine if she stopped right at book 1!).

We seemed to have timed the first book at a great moment.  For the movie comes out this friday.  What's great is that I think Jennifer Lawrence, who plays Katniss Everdeen in the movie, will do a great job.  I pictured her as the character as i read the book.  I'm excited to see how the whole film unfolds and will be fair and respectful to the screenwriters and actors as well. Here's the trailer if any of you are interested.

Until I get the second book, Catching Fire, I'll be anxiously waiting for the movie, which we'll all be going in part of celebrating my boyfriend's sister's birthday =)  Family field trip, yess!

Do any of you have a favorite book, trilogy, or series?  What have you thought of the film or tv show that brought that book to life?  

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Micaela said...

i really must read this-- i have heard NOTHING bad about it and now your post just might be the push i needed :)

ps. thank-you for your very sweet comment on my baby announcement! it means so much to me (us) :) xo


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