Thursday, March 22, 2012

something blue.

You know that giddy feeling you get when you receive a gift that's so you? That feeling that that particular piece matches you and your personality? And then, you know that feeling you get when you get something that exudes you and is from someone you love?  Whether it's your hubby, boyfriend, sister, bestie, or friend?

Well,  a couple of weeks ago I had that "eeeeeee!" feeling when opening up a huge package at the doorstep. My boyfriend gave me the gift of a bag by Kate Spade.  I was so excited when I opened the box I seriously, no joke, had tears of happiness leak out of the sides of my eyes.  It had a zipper, I have a thing about zippers, because they keep everything in, it's navy blue, its got gold plated accents, and there's polka dots inside! Personality, yes, sophistication, yes.  I gave Joel a huge bear hug and thanked him dearly... It's my very first leather "name brand" bag I've ever been given, and I adore it and have already retired my, H&M "I love organic," bag I was using on the weekends, as my everyday bag, and instead intend to use it for groceries and such.  Bunches of thanks to Joel, the awesome boyfriend I've been blessed with.  Truly special to me.

On another note...

My mind can finally be at ease. A few weeks ago, I applied for a passport.  I did the smart thing and had it expedited.  Our trip is coming up so soon and as excited as I should have been, I was not quite there.  There was this missing leg that I needed in order for me to squeal and dance in excitement.  And it finally happened!!! My passport made it!!! I've got my very own blue book! For someone who has only started traveling at the age of 18, owning a passport is somewhat like having a key to see the world!

and...I can put my cute little blue book in my cute little retro pan am passport holder I got a year ago.  Being over prepared never hurt. 
Excitement unfolds
Checking the mail at 11pm at night comes out with the picture above.  Slightly tired, absolutely no makeup, and full on happiness. Finally putting the last piece to the puzzle before we embark on our three week airplane hop, it's a wonderful feeling...

Sweet Thursday thankfuls:
  • the US state department for truly getting my passport to me with in 2-3 weeks as promised
  • family & friend love
  • reading and second hand shopping.  I'm really into the hunger games right now and am feeling quite anxious for the movie tonight!
  • Talking to my grandpa a couple of times a week just to say, "Hello." 
  • Catching up with friends via facebook, email, telephone. Knowing that distance makes no difference in the friendships we have.  

Have a great thursday beautifuls, be safe, and God bless you!

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