Thursday, March 15, 2012

just close your eyes

Good day all of you.  Meet Catch the Mouse.  This is my sister's cat who's name tells us she has a job to do...but instead of finding the mice she likes to relax on top of papers and sunbathe near the window.  She is probably one of the sweetest kitties I've ever become friends with.  She loves to cuddle and sleep on your stomach when you're sleeping.  The first time she jumped on the top bunk and snuggled on my stomach I was a bit alarmed, but as time went on and homesickness kicked in last year, the comfort she gave me was nice.  Another great thing about her, she does not scratch at all! Save for the times she's trying to gain her balance, but she never scratches my niece or anyone. =)

Sometimes I wish I was like Catch.  You know, when life gets a little hectic and you just want close your eyes to it all and just sunbathe in the warmth of the sun?  or just snuggle up to your favorite person when everything else in the world seems a bit chaotic? 

Maybe we can all take a tip from Catch.  When life gets a little crazy just close your eyes, lounge, and relax.  Turn off the crazy and get back on track to the beautiful things life brings us.  Perhaps if we did a wee bit more of this, we'd get a wee bit more happy too!

What do you do to calm yourself when your life seems a bit crazy?  What works for you? 

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